Behavioural concerns or fears of ADHD/Autistic Spectrum Disorders

In order to access an assessment with a Paediatrician it is necessary to have some early observations in school and the home environment, and as such, a referral requires the following:

  • School report and observations
  • SENCO report
  • Copy of My plan/My Plan + if one is in place
  • Report from Advisory Teaching Service
  • Report from Educational Psychology

The above reports help the Paediatric team in assessments of children where behaviour is of concern, and in developing strategies to help.

It would also be extremely helpful if you could note down your observations at home in a short form list so this could be part of the referral.

We recommend that you liaise with the school nurse/SENCO lead at school to help you gather the above information. They are quite used to these requests and should have a process in place to help.

Once you have gathered the additional information, please supply copies to Hadwen via email and contact the practice to book a telephone appointment with a GP to discuss onward referral to the relevant specialist.