Are you aware that you can request an impartial observer to be present during any examination at your GP surgery?

These observers are known as Chaperones.

What is a Chaperone?

In clinical medicine, a chaperone is a person who serves as a witness for both a patient and a medical practitioner as a safeguard for both parties during a medical examination or procedure.

What does a Chaperone do?

Chaperones are widely used for intimate examinations. A chaperone may support the patient with reassurance and emotional support during a procedure or examination that the patient may find embarrassing or uncomfortable. The chaperone may also provide practical help to the doctor during an examination or procedure.

When can you ask for a Chaperone?

During any examination you as the patient or the doctor can request a chaperone to be present.

Who are the Chaperones?

Both clinical and non clinical practice staff can be used as chaperones. All staff have received professional training.