Training Practice

For over 40 years, Hadwen Medical Practice has been involved in training doctors. These doctors have had a lot of hospital experience and come to us to train to become fully fledged GPs. These are the Registrars, and usually stay with us for 12 months. They always have access to supervision by one of the other GPs and may seek their advice after seeing you if necessary.

We also regularly have Foundation Year doctors who have recently qualified and they stay with us for 4 months at a time.

From time to time the practice may have Medical Students gaining experience in general practice.

Dr Naish & Dr Hunt are qualified as recognised trainers to work closely with the Registrars, Foundation Doctors, and students to help them learn about General Practice. Some surgeries are conducted jointly so you may have 2 doctors in the one at one time. Dr Thompson is lead for Medical Student training.

Patients may be asked permission for a student in training to observe a consultation, or if they mind their consultation being recorded.