Flu and Covid Booster Vaccination Update Clarification

Further to last week’s Flu and Covid Booster vaccination update www.hadwenhealth.co.uk/practice_news/flu-and-covid-booster-vaccination-update, we are providing clarification on why the Rosebank hub is being utilised to administer the flu vaccinations, rather than our own building:

  • The layout of Rosebank enables us to have 11 vaccinators working simultaneously. Although Hadwen’s building is larger, it’s layout, ensuring that social distancing is maintained and one-way patient flow is established, enables only a maximum of 7 vaccinators to work simultaneously. By utilising Rosebank, we will therefore be able to vaccinate more people per day.
  • The vaccinators, inputters, and volunteers who have been involved in the Covid vaccination programme, will also be able to be utilised for the flu programme. This therefore gives us significant additional resources which mitigates against the risk of losing staff due to sickness or self-isolation, which in turn could have led us to having to cancel flu vaccination clinics at short notice.
  • If NHS England authorise the concurrent administering of Covid booster and flu vaccinations, then this will only be able to happen at vaccination hubs, not individual Practices.

If you receive your flu vaccination at a community pharmacy, please ensure that they inform us, so that your records can be updated accordingly.