COVID Vaccination Update 22 January 2021

It was great news to hear yesterday that Gloucestershire has topped the country for vaccinating the greatest proportion of it’s over 80 year olds (85.3%)!

At Hadwen we are working in close cooperation with other Practices out of the Rosebank Vaccination Hub on Stroud Road.

So here’s an update on our practice’s progress:

By the end of this week all those aged 75 and above and all those aged 74 with a surname starting with A-R will have been offered a vaccination.

There are two vaccination clinics this week, 404 of our patients have appointments booked at these.

Next week there will be vaccination clinics on Tuesday and Wednesday and we shall be vaccinating 260 patients.

We shall also be vaccinating all of our housebound patients between Thursday and Saturday next week using the AstraZeneca vaccine. (All our Care Home Residents were vaccinated at the end of December)

From now on invites are being sent by text message via a national system called Accurx, so please update your mobile number with us if needed. If you don’t have a mobile registered with us you will receive a letter.

Thanks for all your patience too, as we try to staff and run this service alongside our normal services.